Temps en moviment  2 hores

Temps  2 hores 23 minuts

Coordenades 1041

Data de pujada 19 / de maig / 2019

Data de realització de maig 2019

1.203 m
1.038 m
8,08 km

Vista 19 vegades, descarregada 3 vegades

a prop de En Naas, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Discovery hike looping around Merry Land Hotel.

The Merry Land Hotel is a cozy hotel with a breathtaking view located in the hills of Naas, Bikfaya.
Whether you are visiting the mountains of Lebanon for vacation or business, enjoy a relaxing stay at the Merry Land Hotel.

Naas is a calm area in Bekfaya mostly known for pine trees and its water source.
Around 30 years ago, they built a factory to bottle water at source but it's an abandoned place now.

There's a potential road leading to Douwar after reaching the summit of Naas Springs (villas under construction) with amazing view on Lady Of Harissa, Jounieh, all the way towards Sannine Mountain.
Also an additional potential way to reach Mar Moussa.
At the highest altitude on this trail (1200m - after roughly 2km from the hotel, you have the possibility to continue north towards Douwar or East towards Mar Moussa)

We tried to avoid asphalt roads as much as possible and squeeze dirt roads to go back to the starting point.

Please note that it was a discovery hike, we faced a blocked passage at the end of the trail with lots of bushes, so be careful of following the exact directions.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.