Temps en moviment  2 hores 55 minuts

Temps  5 hores 5 minuts

Coordenades 1561

Data de pujada 20 / de novembre / 2018

Data de realització de novembre 2018

1.682 m
-160 m
9,09 km

Vista 116 vegades, descarregada 10 vegades

a prop de Haqlet el Heya, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

An amazing trail during autumn.
We started the hike directly next to Annaya - Laklouk road by following the LMT signs.
LMT side trails are marked by Yellow & Purple.
This section towards Mkhadde village is approximately 2km and it is an amazing part full of trees, Oaks mostly.
After finishing this section we went towards Laklouk mountains and noticed that someone (the municipality or an NGO) has prepared a nice section looping around a hill.
This section made us reach the road leading to the village once again and therefore we were able to go though the LMT side trail once again.

PS: Wikiloc elevation is not very accurate but trail is safe to follow.
Max elevation: 1682m
Min elevation: 1252 m


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.