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Data de pujada 2 / de maig / 2016

22 m
3 m
5,33 km

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a prop de Sun Valley, British Columbia (Canada)

A level hike along the west bank of the Pitt River. Also very popular as a short bicycle tour, or extension of the Poco Trail bicycle loop.

The trail terminus connects with forest trails in Minnekhada Park, with access to Addington Marshes Viewpoint, the High Knoll Lookout, and Minnehada Lodge. An add-on loop could be planned to include these locations.

The saved track is one way, the total return is 10-km, or more if extending into Minnekhada Park.
A small parking lot; could also access this route from parking lots at Minnnekhada Lodge.
Track follows the north bank of the slough to the Pitt River, passing a small motor boat marina. Views to the north over blueberry filelds with mountains in the distance.
looking north from dyke across fields to Minnekhada Lodge and farm buildings.
Road to north leads to a forest ttrail that connects to Addington Marsh viewpoint and the High Knoll lookout. Trail to east leads to marsh and Pitt River viewing platform.
Raised viewing platform along the bank of the Pitt River.
Trail to west leads to Minnehada Lodge. To north connects with forest trails into Mennehada Park.
start of the climb to Addington Marsh Lookout.


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