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-27 m
22,98 km

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a prop de Blanes, Catalunya (España)

Blanes - Port de Blanes - Jardi Botanic - Cala de Sant Francesc - Santa Barbara - s'Agulla - Platja de Santa Cristina - Jardins de Santa Clotilde - Platja de Fenals - Castell de Lloret - Punta d'en Rosaris - Lloret de Mar - Punta de Cabdells - la Montgoda - Platja de Canyelles - Turo de la Morisca - Cala Morisca - Cala Llorell - Cala Molto - ses Alzines - Tossa de Mar

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  • Daniela Elle 09/07/2019

    I walked from Tossa de Mar and I stopped at 11.6 on the path above. Notice that after the viewpoint nearby Tossa de Mar the path in this map becomes very difficult and slippery and one should rather walk on the larger path that is further away from the sea. Please notice that between 11.6 and 11.2, there is extreme danger of landslides and falling rocks. The tunnel at 11.6 should be closed at the moment, in my opinion, and Cala del Pi should be reached only via sea. Do not attempt to cross Punta del Pi at 11.2 ever! There has been many landslides. It is dangerous and not worth it. There are many other areas of the cami de ronda with maintained path and more beautiful views. Please stick to those that are clearly marked as 'cami de ronda'.

Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.