Temps en moviment  6 hores 11 minuts

Temps  8 hores 6 minuts

Coordenades 3628

Data de pujada 15 / d’abril / 2018

Data de realització d’abril 2018

1.935 m
1.274 m
20,11 km

Vista 879 vegades, descarregada 25 vegades

a prop de El Bâroûk, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

From Barouk reserve entrance, we took a trail next to the asphalt road. Moderate but steady ascent till the Telecom station at the top of Barouk hills. A beautiful viewpoint over Bekaa, Qaraoun lake and Mount Hermont is not far from the tower. We took the higher trail to Ain Zhalta geodesic point (see waypoint) before doing a loop to reach the lower trail (steep descent with no clear trail, watch your steps and go slowly). After a short stay on the lower trail, we went off trail again to reach the starting point. Beautiful loop especially during this time of the year.
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