Temps  5 hores 23 minuts

Coordenades 3117

Data de pujada 12 / d’octubre / 2016

Data de realització de maig 2015

2.499 m
1.793 m
16,84 km

Vista 255 vegades, descarregada 13 vegades

a prop de Korchlu, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

On a hike from Aghveran to mount Sakhzel, when I made it to the ridge, far across the valley I saw a group of rocks that attracted my attention. They were high cliffs or sometimes isolated spikes.
It looked far to go from Aghveran, so I decided to find another way. The job didn't come out as easy as I expected and I only found them on my third attempt, but it was definetely worth it.

The hike starts in the outskirts of Piunik, where one can park the car. The first part follows an easy dirt road along the river. A river that has to be crossed after few kilòmetres, and is not always easy to cross dry feet.
After the river crosin we take the dirt road that turns right, leaving a farm on the left, and going straight to an abandoned village, We cross it and follow up the river using still a dirt road that progressively gets more and more broken. Still, the route is easy to see.
We climb all the way up to the top of the valley, where in summer there is a shepperd's camp and the rest of the year only their remainings.

We reach the ridge on the left and we start to see the rocks, just below us. THe bigger formations are a little down on this new valley. There is a small single track that runs up and down between them.
After inspecting the area, we come down the valley, until we join the same dirt road we used on the way in.

Mt. Shakhzel (2.687m)


Mt. Thezaruyg (2.809 m)

Mt. Thezaruyg (2.809 m)

river crossing



roques :)



Tsaghkunyats Lake


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.