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a prop de Torlundy, Scotland (United Kingdom)

A tourist trail from above the town of Fort William, Scotland.

A 15 minute Gondala ride out of the pine forest below the Nevis Range to the base hub of the Scottish ski fields. This walk traverse's to two viewpoints on seperate ridgeline's of Aonach Mor. The hike to the top of Aonach Mor would be remarkable with a 4hr return from the Gondala.

Views from the two veiwpoints marked are spectacular however views were hindered by low cloud and 50knot gusts.

Sgurr Finnisg-aig Viewpoint


Meall Beag Viewpoint


Aonach Mor Trailhead

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  • Foto de Shatkins

    Shatkins 06/09/2013

    How cute, first hike as a married couple! https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/aonach-mor-dual-viewpoint-glen-nevis-range-fort-william-5174788/photo-2679817

  • Foto de lukeyglasso

    lukeyglasso 06/09/2013

    Not quite, hadn't arrived on Skye yet. Did our first yesterday, was exilirating :) just need a computer to upload the trail.

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