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a prop de Breivikbotn, Finnmark (Norge)

One of the many ways to cross Sørøya from west to northeast. This is by no means the fastest or easiest way to cross, but it's a quite scenic one. It includes two day trips on the spectacular northern part. For most of the hike the terrain is quite easy, only down to Jutulvatnet it was a bit tricky. The route to Tarhalsen is on a marked trail, otherwise all is trailless (apart from small segments on roads).
02-SEP-12 16:14:02
Lunchbreak day 1
Short stop
Short stop
Short stop
Lunch break
Short stop
Short stop
Short stop with nice view
Lunch break, nice view
Short break at Lotre. From here it's possible to take the speedboat, and to sit warm inside for a moment.
Short stop
Short stop
Lunch break with a good view
Break near Saksnæringstind, as usual a good view
Break at the beach. Watch and see seals!
Short stop
Lunch break
Short stop at Kjøttvikvarden
Fabulous Storsanden beach
Lunch break at Tarhalshytta
Camp at Jutulvatnet
Camp at another spectacular spot
03-SEP-12 19:46:49
Near Gamvika at a windy spot

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  • Foto de Maiki-Mac

    Maiki-Mac 27/03/2013

    Hi! I was looking for a trekk in Norway and I found your trekk. I will go this July. How did you arrived to Soroya? by plane or by car? Had you came back to Oslo? How was camp during the trekk? did you have any problem to take water?


  • gerritholl 27/03/2013

    Hi! I arrived to Sørøya by public transportation. When I started this hike I came from a previous hike at Arnøya. I took the Hurtigruten coastal ship from Skjervøy to Øksfjord, and then I took the ferry from Øksfjord to Hasvik at Sørøya. I hitch-hiked from Hasvik to the start of the trail (the ferry crossing is a good opportunity to speak to people), but it's also walkable. The Hurtigruten arrives in Øksfjord in the middle of the night, and the ferry departs in the morning. Fortunately the waiting room is open so I just put out my mattress and sleeping bag there to catch some sleep.

    Camping and finding water was no problem at all. I was there in September and there are plenty of small and large streams with good water. I expect you'll find even more water in July, as there will still be large snow-fields, but I don't think any rivers should be problematic to cross. It's a relatively easy island.

    After the trek I took the boat to Hammerfest. I live in Kiruna (Sweden), and options to get back were limited. What I finally did was to take Hurtigruten from Hammerfest to Harstad, then a combination of bus and train back to Sweden. My original plan was to continue to Seiland, but I finally decided to skip that one.

  • Foto de Maiki-Mac

    Maiki-Mac 28/03/2013

    Hi! thanks for the information. It is very useful. Now I only need to know how could arrive from Oslo til Hasvik.


  • xabirulo 21/04/2013

    Hi! I was looking for several-days backpacking tour in norway and I have come across this track. It seems awesome! I am seriously considering following you but I have some questions... when you arrived to Akksrfjord, how did did go back to Hasvik? Is there any public transport in the island? Or did you take a boat from Akksfjord to somewhere? And do you think that it could be risky doing it alone?
    By the way, I am planning to do a 3-weeks travel to Norway, Sweden and Finland in August. could you please recommend me another of this type of hikes? I am struggling to find info...
    Thanks for sharing these adventures!

  • gerritholl 21/04/2013

    Hi xabirulo! From Akkarfjord I took the boat to Hammerfest (see http://www.boreal.no/ruter/003-bygderuta-i-soeroeysund-article1427-341.html ) and then Hurtigruten from Hammerfest to Harstad (from where I took the bus back to Sweden), but there are also boats from Hammerfest to Hasvik, check http://www.boreal.no/ruter/001-hammerfest-hasvik-oeksfjord-article1426-341.html . I combined my hike with several others. Three weeks is a long time. Last summer, I hiked across Hinnøya http://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=3148352 , took a boat from Harstad to Skrolsvika http://www.tromskortet.no/getfile.php/Rutetabeller%20%28pdf%29/Buss/Harstad/6.pdf , then hiked across Senja from Skrolsvika to Lysnes http://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=3320261 , then took a boat to Tromsø http://www.tromskortet.no/getfile.php/Rutetabeller%20%28pdf%29/Hurtigb%C3%A5t/4.pdf and onward to Arnøya http://www.tromskortet.no/getfile.php/Rutetabeller%20%28pdf%29/Hurtigb%C3%A5t/3.pdf, then hiked a bit there (ending with a hitch-hike back to the boat), http://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=3325207 , then took a boat to Skjervøy http://www.tromskortet.no/getfile.php/Rutetabeller%20%28pdf%29/Hurtigb%C3%A5t/3.pdf and Hurtigruten to Øksfjord, then took the ferry from Øksfjord to Hasvik http://reise2.fjord1.no/Fjord1IISStaticTables/Tables/ruter/t/20-117.htm and hiked to Akkarfjord. I also planned to take a ferry from Hammerfest to Kjerringholmen http://www.boreal.no/ruter/56-akkarfjord-kjerringholmen-article391-342.html at Seiland and hike to Hakkstabben from there but I didn't have time (Warning: there's an Akkarfjord at Sørøya and a DIFFERENT Akkarfjord at Kvaløya near Hammerfest). It can be hard to find information, most information is only available in Norwegian, but if you plan well you can make amazing journeys using the boats connecting the islands!

  • xabirulo 21/04/2013

    Thanks a lot gerritholl!
    I will take into account your advice. I'm considering it really seriously. I will feddbak you if I finally go over there.
    Other posibility is going to Lofoten, and hiking from end to end since it's just one island (more or less) and therefore simpler with regard to logistics.
    Thanks again!

  • gerritholl 21/04/2013

    Lofoten is very scenic, but more suitable for hikes of 1–2 days than for a long trek. The mountains are very steep so areas where you can hike are somewhat limited, so quite soon you're forced to go back to the road...

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