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a prop de Sturry, England (United Kingdom)

Start: Welsh Harp Sturry (Busstop) End: Railway Station Chartham
Along the Stour
A walk along The (great) Stour should start at his mouthm, however we start in Fordwich. It is the smallest town in Britain and has a well reserved medieval city hall. It was in this town that we had our Bow Cottage. Fordwich was the last port to Canterbury. So many goods (stones for the buildings were brought in Fordwich.
Passing High Street, we walk through the field and Chequers to Canterbury. Here a walking tour around the cathedral is incorporated. Every day at 11:00 or 14:00 a guide will take on the grounds for a 90 minutes walk.
It is a great pleasure walking through medieval Canterbury, the mayor Parish in UK.
The second half of the walk brings us in Chartham. Here the river Stour brings us up to the paper mill. Drink a beer in the Artichoke Inn (go left for 500m) en take the train back to Canterbury.
Punt d'interès

04 Chequers Wood


05 Reed Pond

Punt d’informació

06 Buttermarket

Lloc religiós

07 Cathedral

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08 Cathedral

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09 Cathedral

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10 Guildhall street


11 Eastbridge Hospital

Refugi de muntanya

03 Bow Cottage

High Street en Spring Lane

12 Bridge over the Stour

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15 Chartham St Marys Church


16 Chartham Station

Lloc religiós

01 Church Fordwich


02 City Hall Fordwich


14 Hambrouk Marshes


13 Railway over the Stour


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