• Foto de Kleiner Priel

Temps  6 hores 22 minuts

Coordenades 9121

Data de pujada 4 / d’octubre / 2016

Data de realització d’octubre 2016

2.362 m
589 m
20,16 km

Vista 501 vegades, descarregada 4 vegades

a prop de Hinterstoder, Upper Austria (Austria)

Great one day trip with significant altitude difference (1550m) between Hinterstoder village (start) and Kleiner Priel summit (2136m)
It takes from 3 to 4,1/2 hours for ascent (most depending on the physical condition of the hiker) and about 3 hours for descent, so it is a basically whole day hike (unless you have some spare joker in your pocket/backpack to speed up the descent, like I did ;-))
Take care about weather conditions.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.