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a prop de Bārigarh, Jammu and Kashmīr (India)

The trail is in the semi arid 'Kandi' region of Jammu province, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, in northern India. The trail runs next to the river Basantar, a tributary of Ravi river, a major river in northern India. The trail provides all the elements of an off beat, off road experience and has all the elements to make it a good one. River crossings, wooden suspension foot bridges,sandstone rock beds, bushes, log crossings, slippery mud section, landslide section, river bank sands, nice camping spots, clean blue swimming spots, scenic views and village life, all are there. The trail ,as a Nordic walk or as an off road experience, is a perfect weekend getaway from Jammu.
After the down slope, hair pin bends, cross the stream and follow the trail up slope.
the trail now goes up hill from the river basin.
at the intersection ( t intersection ) turn right for the river trail, the trail on the left will take you to Rayoor side.
the trail is still narrow and will go down slope to the river basin, till it meets the sandy bank.
cross the stream bed to go to the other side, follow the open ground.
Jattah is the first village on the trail.
to go to the bridge you have to go through the village, follow the rocky path on the left hand side to go into the village, watch out for the cow dung as it is also used by the local cattle population.
after you have crossed the village take a sharp right turn to go to the bridge.
go slow and watch out for the nails.
turn left after crossing the bridge , next to the old hut.
now you are in village Nand, cross the village and you approach the sandstone rock bed path. its all down slope to the big ground.
cross the ground to reach the trail on the other side.
The trail, goes uphill and through the gap.
Well, the crossing is little dicey, do make out a line before you cross, try not to hush it.
The steep uphill slope , is the approach to the Banab village.

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