Temps  3 hores 54 minuts

Coordenades 601

Data de pujada 9 / de juny / 2012

Data de realització de juny 2012

6 m
-22 m
12,98 mn

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a prop de Rock Point, Maryland (United States)

I launched from Shymansky's (good spot, nice people, supposedly great seafood, but I didn't partake) near Cobb Island and paddled past some of the small islets in this area. Arrived at historic Saint Clements Island, which is a beautiful park commemorating the landing of the first settlers in Maryland. The cupola of the lighthouse keeper's building was open and I got some nice photos. This is a great area to go for a paddle and there are areas on the broad Potomac where you can't see land. Trip reports at http://www.brkayak.com.
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Saint Clements Island

Saint Clements Island

Shymansky's Marina


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