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a prop de North Trescott, Maine (United States)

Kayaking in Whiting and Denny's Bay. This is a beautiful, mostly protected place to see lots of seals. The tidal Reversing Falls can be paddled back and forth at or within 10 minutes of slack tide (based off of the Birch Islands tide station), but expect at least 6 knot (7mph, 11kmh) currents at both the rock and the standing wave even at this "calmer" time. You'll feel the effects of the falls from at least half a mile away during slack tide, so great care is advised in getting too close since the Falls run around 25 knots (29mph, 46kmh) at their peak. Don't event get close more than 30 minutes outside of the slack if you're in a sea kayak. Full trip report with movies and more pictures coming soon at http://www.brkayak.com.
Caiac/ Canoa

All Tide Beach

This beach is accessible at all tides.

Launch Beach

Public launch a little past the Cobscook Bay State Park. Free, plenty of parking, toilet, and all-tides ramp.

Protected All Tide Cove Beach

Very protected beach nestled in a deep cove inside of this island.

Reversing Falls Overlook at end of trail

Start at the parking lot and walk the trail with the white blazes to this point.

Reversing Falls Parking

Reversing Falls Parking. No facilities.
Caiac/ Canoa

Reversing Falls Rock

The rock in the middle of the channel creates crazy eddies.

Reversing Falls Standing Wave

This is where a good standing wave forms at reversing falls. All the action isn't at the rock!

Seal Island

At higher tides, the 10-20 seals in this bay haul out and sun themselves here. Don't get too close!

Seal Rock (lower tides)

At lower tides, when this is exposed, the seals can be hauled out here.

Wrecked Boat

Wrecked Boat at reversing falls.


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