Temps  2 hores 34 minuts

Coordenades 1000

Data de pujada 11 / de març / 2018

Data de realització de febrer 2018

602 m
483 m
13,33 km

Vista 352 vegades, descarregada 11 vegades

a prop de Xhoffraix, Wallonia (Belgique)

This track follows the black loipe from the football club in Xhoffraix (https://www.eastbelgium.com/nl/fiche/wintersports/les-cretes-de-xhoffraix). This loipe is about 13.5 km and takes you on the pastures around the village of Xhoffraix with excellent views across the Pouhon, Bayehon and Warche valleys, and through forests towards the Hautes Fagnes. There are also loipes of 2.8 (green), 5.5 (blue) and 8.5 (red) km. The loipes are nicely maintained, and much quieter than the Botrange and Baraque Michel tracks to the north. There is a cafeteria (football canteen) at the start, as well as ski rental. The track is on undulating terrain, including some nice downhill stretches.
You start skiing counterclockwise around and close to the village until you get to the Xhoffraix-Ovifat road. Here the black loipe crosses the road into the Hautes Fagnes, and you ascend to the forest. After some time you arrive to the loipe coming from Mont Spinette and ascend further through the forest until you get to a bifurcation. Left is towards Baraque Michel/Botrange and right takes you back towards Xhoffraix. When you arrive back to the road you continue for a clockwise tour along the valleys that surround Xhoffraix. First, you have the Pouhon valley on your left. Close to where the blue track joins the red/black track again, you have the Bayehon valley on your left, and finally you have the Warche valley on your left.

Along the Bayehon valley

From here you have views across the Bayehon and Warche valleys on your left.

Bifurcation Blue-Red/Black

Here the blue track goes to the right, and you follow the red/black track to the left. You have the Hautes Fagnes and Pouhon valley on your right.

Bifurcation Green-Blue/Red/Black

Here the green track goes right, and you continue left.

Bifurcation Green-Blue/Red/Black 2

Here the green track goes to the right for the shortest way back to the football field. You keep to the left here for a short downhill stretch before returning to the arrival at the football stadium.

Bifurcation Red-Black

Here you go straight on and cross the road for the black loipe. The red loipe turns right back.

Bifurcation Xhoffraix - Mont Spinette trail

Here you turn left towards Baraque Michel/Botrange and Mont Spinette (11 km trail), and right back to Xhoffraix.


Here is the finish of all loipes

Join Mont Spinette track

Here you join the track from Mont Spinette and ascend through the forest


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