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a prop de Rothenthurm, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

This is a fairly flat enjoyable track. It is at about 920 metre altitude. It is a good place to train distance.

The track contains 3 full laps around the 7k and one around the 11 K (with one of the first three contained in the 11k. Apparently there is a 15 and a 20 km track (but these were not open 28.11.17).

A good visualisation of the tracks is in their website

There is a lit 3km track and apparently there are changing rooms available.

Their site

Getting there with public transport is easy. From Zug to Rothenturm it takes 39 minutes (and 41 back) via Arth Goldau but there are not many connections and you do not want to miss the train.

Run was done slowly on 28.11 as it was beginning of season and there was not a lot of accumulated snow to disguise the terrain underneath so a bit bumpy. There was also a problem with a zipper on some Fischer poles which kept opening. Probably an innovation for the worse which will promptly replaced.


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