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a prop de Kirchplatzl, Tyrol (Austria)

Nice cross-country route along the main valley which includes three consecutive blue signed paths: A10 (1 Km), A6 (4,5 Km) and A5 (5,5 Km), starting at Weidach and crossing nice and small villages of Leutasch, Aue, Platzl Oben and Moos.
The route is easy and it is ca. 12 Km long and it can be done in 2/3 hours.
Well traced for classic cross-country ski and skating.
There are some coffee shops along the path where you drink hot drinks and you can also eat something.
Nice views of the valley and the Hohe Munde peak and other high ranges.
Bus lines from Sheefeld (4184 and 4186) stops at Weidach, while 4184 continues to Leutasch, Aue, Platzl, Oben and Moos. In winter, buses leave from Seefeld train satation at 7:17; 08:20; 9:30; 10:20; 11:35; 12:25; 13:20 and 14:50 and the travel takes 15 minutes.


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