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7,93 km

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262 m

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272 m

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2.836 m



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2.568 m

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  • Foto de Antelope Butte
  • Foto de Antelope Butte
  • Foto de Antelope Butte


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4 de gener de 2012

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2.836 m
2.568 m
7,93 km

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a prop de Burgess Junction, Wyoming (United States)

4.86 miles round trip. Save this one for a windless day. Require going a mile across open flats before getting into the trees. Lots of Snowmobile traffic on the flat. Goes past Antelope Ski Area which is not operating. Stay on Road 244 for a mile to get to this trail. Once on top there is miles and miles of open country and Antelope Butte is right in front of you. You'll enjoy great views to the south of the Cloud Peak Wilderness and Cloud Peak. Enjoy.

It does require using the snowmobile trails to get up to the top and it ain't much fun but the destination is worth it. The downhill sucks because you're stuck in the snowmobile trails. I want to go back just to explore more on top of the Butte.

This is still not the Forest Service "groomed" trails. I have yet to find them. They did update their map at the parking area.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.