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Temps  7 hores 23 minuts

Coordenades 2432

Data de pujada 30 / de maig / 2011

Data de realització de maig 2011

3.667 m
2.827 m
6,62 km

Vista 2227 vegades, descarregada 4 vegades

a prop de Steinenberg, Bern (Switzerland)

Great nord wall climbing of one of the easyest in the area. We found the wall in perfect conditions although we had to "prepare" the track on the glacier the day before (still 40 cm snow on it). vperfect supporting crust on the wall up to the big serac where we traversed right on frozen unpleasant crust (ABSOLUTELY A NO FALL AREA). the eary on the ridge to the top. Descent from the normal route on the kante. Still snow on the descent, this made it easyer than it would be on pure loose rock. crossing back the glacier around 9.30 with still some holding crust on the top.
Descent to the bergstation of the oeschinensee the same day (not in the track)


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