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420 m
32,34 km

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a prop de Zugerberg, Kanton Zug (Swiss Confederation)

Run on 31st October 2015 with very foggy conditions, with 7.45 morning start. Started at Zugerberg Bahn. It went down to Boden from on the Aegeri side of the Zugerberg (very nice trail downhill section). There it followed asphalt to Wissenwändi and a nice short uphill run through grass to Zittenbuech, from that followed a very nice soft trail to Ochsenfeissi ... then started an asphalted trail through Hürital following a small road which moves up in parallel with Hüribach, fairly pretty views (but asphalt), then about 500 metres past a parking you leave to the right when going up there is again a nice soft trail. Original plan was to do the hiking path around Chaiserstock (facing Morgartenberg and Sattel) but due to lack of time I cut short through what looks a new asphalted trail. Given foggy conditions, past Zuger Alpli area road was followed to Früebüel, Hintergeissboden and Zug.  I think the Aegeri side can be classified as trail and Zugerberg side is asphalt. Run could be done with standard shoes, no needs for poles nor trail shoes. Net time was 3h01 min (extra per wikiloc are stops)


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