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a prop de Zug, Kanton Zug (Switzerland)

Fairly Standard circular run from Zug trainstation to Wildspitz (highest point in Kanton Zug). From there you will enjoy good views of Rigi area, Mythen, Schwyz, Zugersee, Aegeri and even Pilatus.

Going up it was via Verena. From Verena we go up to Blasenberg and then up to Montana and from there we go over the Zugerberg ridge which is all forest. We have to make it to Zuger Alpli and from there go up a steep stretch either through the hiking path to the right or through a concrete ramp (the GPS uses the concrete ramp).

Just after the rump you turn right and follow the hiking path up. Fairly uncomplicated. Not exposed though steepish. The last kilometre and half you will hike as you go through a lot of stairs and the path zig zags a lot. The GPS probably misses a fair bit of the zigzaging.

Going back is the same route but returning through a flat path.

One unintended peculiarity of the path is that I took the hiking path down to Oberwil unknowingly. Again, steps and zigzaging. It´s quite fun but you will descent slowly. From Oberwil I just followed road to Zug. That last bit on tarmac was unintended and not the best for the rubber soles of trail shoes. It is probably better to either descend via Blasenberg down with better views over Zug (or from Verena, or if you want to speed up from Montana down the road to Schoenegg).


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