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a prop de Grindelwald, Canton de Berne (Swiss Confederation)

Called the 'Geniesserstrecke' in german, this trail was the 'average joe' side-event to the Eiger Ultra Trail 2015 (101 kilometers). The trail takes you up from Grindelwald to the lush meadows of the Alm near Gross Scheidegg und Bort. The scenery is absolutely stunning, with views of Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, and not to be missed, the Eiger north face.
The trail is well chosen: it can be run along most of the way (80-90%). It makes for a pleasant running experience.

Some practical notes: Parking (paid) is available near the start of the trail in the Eiger+ shopping center or in the Sportzentrum. Along the path there are some possibilities to refill your bottle (and even buy some Alm Käse if you like).

If you run this trail, please leave a message in the comments! I would love to read your review and suggestions.

Happy running!

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