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a prop de Studen, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

This route is easy and with quite a few views particularly once you reach Spirstock.

Route was done in 3h39 of net moving time so about 8.5km/h so quite runnable.

The route starts in Studen and follows some of the paths that are cross country ski tracks in winter up to Unteriberg, from there it goes up to Oberiberg and then starts climbing up to the lap of the Roggenstock.

You will follow signs which have a green signal on the yellow arrows... which stands for Geologischer Wanderweg Roggenstock.

Soon you will descent into Hoch Ybrig and there you can amend the route as you see fit.

Unfortunately the main wanderweg path up to Spirstock is all asphalted but once in the summer you realise why. The terrain is soft muddy and they need to move heavy machinery for maintenance of the skiing pistes.

After Spirstock you will connect into the Ybrigger 7 egg Wanderweg.

You just need to follow general signs to Ibergeregg (a 1400 metre small mountain pass with public transport if you tire) after that follow signs to Holzegg which lies right at the foot of the path to Grosser Mythen.

There you can take the direct path down to Schwyz.


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