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a prop de Seewen, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

Done at a relaxed pace in 4h 41 minutes of moving time.

4 kilometres of asphalt when starting from Schwyz which is not ideal but at least makes gaining ascent easy.

Hochstuckli area was still snowed on north facing slopes as of 20 April 2019. The path between Wildspitz and Zuger Alpli also had patches of snow.

Important: loop around following the path and then get up to Hochstuckli. We did not do it correctly by mistake and ended up cutting across a fenced area. Just stay on the walking path and do not go up a steep meadow.

Drop into Sattel was doing following route 63. You can shorten it in a straight line by following the ski lift lines. Path from Sattel to Wildspitz via Rossberg was also route 63. Also once in Sattel you have a big asphalt loop that takes you down to the ski lift car park which you can avoid.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.