1.137 m
558 m
17,92 km

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a prop de Oberwil, Kanton Zug (Switzerland)

Ran on 13.2.2016.
Path trail.
About 5 to max 10 cm of snow so easily run.
Very pretty views of the Rigi after a small tunnel between km 4 and 5 of route.

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  • Foto de Nicholas Noyes

    Nicholas Noyes 07/03/2019

    Hey, I planning on doing your route Saturday or Sunday. I'm coming from England for a quick break away at Zug. What the condition surface like, can't decide what to shoe to wear off-road trail shoes or hybrid cross between road and trail shoe.

  • Foto de Miguel Alcober

    Miguel Alcober 08/03/2019

    There was snow until a week ago. You may find some areas are wet-muddy-slippery, some shadow areas might have bits of snow left. I would definitely go for the off road trail shoes. The rubber ice grippers that you put quickly over the shoes are also a good thing to have handy (they take no space). I don´t know what the conditions up there are this week.

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