1.654 m
458 m
27,84 km

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a prop de Goldau, Kanton Schwyz (Swiss Confederation)

Trail shoes needed, trekking poles useful
First 3 km on tarmac (they can be run)
Next 4 km its a trekking walk up past Dächli, then run to Klosterli
Small Path from Klösterli is very pretty with views of Goldau, Lauerzersee, Wildspitz, Rossberg.
Worth doing the 365 degree turn at Scheidegg .. views at Scheidegg are on a par with Rigi Kulm.
From Scheidegg to Kaltbad is the whole Rigi Panoramaweg, much of it on discarded train line so very flat.
From Kaltbad there is a short steep asphalted walk up to Staffel and then follows train.
Staffel to Seebodenalp is a nice standard path.
Seebodenalp to Immensee is a straight steep-ish run down

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