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a prop de Ingenbohl, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

This route is an excellent training run.

Completed in 3 hrs net, without pushing too much.

From the train station, follow the walking path and signs for Ingenbohl wald. You will go past a school (Ingenbohl Theresianum) and then just make it right into the forested area. Follow signs for Ingenbohl Wald, and once reaching the forest always follow signs for Stoos. Once in Stoos it's self evident. The path broadly follows the ski lifts.

The pluses
- excellent views in Fronalpstock area
- probably over 90% of route is on soft ground (only one stretch of asphalt at the beginning in Brunnen, and maybe a few hundred meters in Stoos)
- trivially easy to follow / well marked (follow Signs for Stoos and Fronalpstock/Brunnen as appropriate)
- very simple narrow gravel road on the way up (packed sand, but soft, covered with trees, you may have an occasional local car or two. 6th picture shows it)
- no exposed areas
- very "flowy" i.e. it's a fairly constant up.. most of which can be run. and a delight to get down. (It was 1h50minutes getting up and 1h10min getting down)
- easy to get to Brunnen with train.

The minuses
- completely non technical
- it is 1600 metres you will be going up
- on a weekend it can be quite touristy

The recommendation I would have is try to do it on a clear day during the week rather than on weekend. Not a silly idea to bring dry cloths to change and the top and stay longer and enjoy views (restaurant at the top). If you hike it the recommended Schweizmobil time is 8hr 30 min

Pilatus from Alpnachstadt is a similar run


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