1.650 m
881 m
34,48 km

Vista 736 vegades, descarregada 12 vegades

a prop de Einsiedeln, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

Poles and proper trail shoes highly recommended.
95% soft trail 5% asphalt
Not a difficult route but is mainly narrow mountain paths, with quite a few roots so keep an eye.
The route is very well marked by white marks with red line (signalling mountain path).
The route starts in Einsiedeln trains station, one progresses to the Einsiedeln Abbey (Kloster) and there starts the path going up to Friherrenberg.
From there milestones are Chälen, Amselspitz, Geschwänstock (1600m.), Furggelenstock (1656m), and then it cuts across skiing pistes down to Holzegg (from where I believe a cable car can take you to Brunni (If you want to cut it short).
From Holzegg it meanders through the north base of Grosser Mythen and Klener Mythen (two rocky mountains that stick out and that provide a very clear silhouette to the route). The route does NOT go up to either of them.
From Haggenegg it takes the other ridge in a northward direction (Grossbrechenstock, Näbikenfirst, etc)
The last 4 km of the route I descended into the Alpthal valley (still mostly gravel roads).
Total time running was 4hrs34 (the excess time that Wikiloc shows are various stops). Route done on 11 Nov. 2015


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.