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a prop de Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane (Norge)

Carretera 55 seguint la vora del LustraFjorden, a Sognalsjora prenem en direcció Est la carretera nacional 5 fins a Kaupanger per agafar el ferry.
There are no sign prohibiting cyclists or pedestrians. Think it is longer than 572 metres but didn't make a note.
No signs prohibiting access, well lit pretty quite. Alt route not brilliant.514m
No prohibition signs, alt route as below, tunnel is well lit and gave me no problems. Alternative route : There is an alternate route around the tunnel fjord side. However I was on a touring bike and it was pretty soft and unpleasant, probably okay on a mountain bike or something with mountain bike wheels.657m
It is possible but not fun. Little space.430m


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.