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a prop de Kwaebŏp, Busan (South Korea)

The South Korean Cross Country Cycle Trail, formed when four separate long-distance cycle trails are linked together, spans the entire length of South Korea. From the city of Incheon in the north, to the bustling metropolis of Busan in the south, the route trail follows the path of two major rivers, a mountain pass and a canal, passing through newly developing cities, rural farmland and traditional villages. Having again prepared our bicycles after transporting them from France, we commence this new adventure in Busan, but not before picking up our own Cross Country cycle passport! With certification booths located at numerous points of interest along the trail, we begin the task of filling our passport with the stamps that would mark our progress north towards Seoul. Passing through rice paddies and up and over a few steep climbs, we are fuelled by some delicious local foods we sample along the way. The trail itself is an inspirational example of pro-cycling infrastructure, with dedicated cycle-path forming the 700 kilometres-long route in its entirety, resulting in limited communication with traffic, and including dedicated rest-stops and air and tool service points just for cyclists! Six days later, we make our way into Seoul, with the enormous Lotte World Tower marking our entrance to the city. With a long final day out to the official end of the trail at Incheon, we cross the finish line and submit our cycle passport for confirmation, before receiving a well-deserved golden star for our efforts! All in all, a great experience, and a fantastic way of viewing a cross-section of this rapidly developing country from the inside.

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