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a prop de Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Does anyone know if this route can be done by mountain bike? Looks like a great challenge....

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  • flucho 05/01/2013

    I am interested in do it too, this spring or summer. Any explanations of this route?

  • Foto de JamesPascall

    JamesPascall 06/01/2013

    Very challenging! Allow a week to do this trail. Crosses very remote regions with serious terrain. Needs a lot of planning. Would do in June when daylight longest and weather potential best. If weather turns bad this could quickly become very tough indeed.

  • ibisoriol 09/03/2015

    Any news on this ?

  • Foto de JamesPascall

    JamesPascall 10/03/2015

    I don't know if anyone else has tried this route. I attempted parts of it in 2012 but weather was very bad and did not complete much at all. Did ride the section over the Cairngorms which is stunning and not too challenging. Let me know if you try. I need to go back.

  • ibisoriol 10/03/2015

    Ok thank you .

  • Foto de luxque

    luxque 02/08/2016

    congratulation and Thank you ...but where is ascending elevation .Do you have any information about this trip.How many steps.

  • Foto de JamesPascall

    JamesPascall 02/08/2016

    I don't know why the elevation doesn't display on this one. But you do have several high and very remote sections to cross. Some challenging sections:

    Glean Lichd in Kintail
    Glen Afric to Glen Moriston
    Corrieyairack Pass
    The Cairngorms
    Let me know if you do it. May the weather be with you

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