• Foto de Thingvallavatn Lake

Temps  9 hores 42 minuts

Coordenades 456

Data de pujada 13 / de novembre / 2007

Data de realització d’agost 2007

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696 m
41 m
226,61 km

Vista 9889 vegades, descarregada 287 vegades

a prop de Gufunes, Kjosarsysla (Ísland)

Mountain trail trip from Egilsholl hostel to Afangafell mountain hut (closed in winter time). Road in good condition, concrete in the first section but mostly unpaved and quite rocky.

Avoid this trip in winter since the snow pack may be really huge.

Thingvallavatn Lake

Stop to rest and admire the peaceful landscape towards Thingvallavatn lake

7 comentaris

  • Foto de de tovenaar

    de tovenaar 02/02/2008

    Thanks for your comments! My recumbent is made by Challenge (see www.challenge-recumbents.com) a small manufacturer of those bikes.

  • Foto de Anderson

    Anderson 03/02/2008

    Thanks Minko, I'm already gathering info on the subject. I think I've discovered something really cool :)


  • Foto de Marius Børge

    Marius Børge 08/03/2013

    This is a real beautiful tour route least the big lake! Like you xD

  • Foto de Anderson

    Anderson 11/03/2013

    Thanks for your comment Marius! indeed it's a great place I hope to return to someday!

  • Foto de K.Herr

    K.Herr 29/06/2013

    Congratulations for this spektacular trail
    Greetings from Germany,

  • Foto de norman atkinson

    norman atkinson 20/10/2013

    Thanks Minko

    Greetings from England Going next year love the images of your wild camping looks great place Norman

  • Foto de Anderson

    Anderson 21/10/2013

    Iceland, weather permitting, is a great camping destination with breathtaking outdoor spots. Look forward to return there some day! Good luck Norman!

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