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Coordenades 2200

Data de pujada 23 / de juny / 2018

Data de realització de juny 2018

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a prop de Mayne, British Columbia (Canada)

Hilly Mayne Island is rated difficult despite the short total course length. It's bicycle friendly, mostly paved two-lane rural roads without marked shoulders, and very light traffic except at ferry arrival times. A large (approx 35) well organised elementary school group bicycled from the ferry to the lighthouse and back on the day. The frequent rolling hills have maximum grade sections, and most climbs are shorter than 150 m distance. Roads are often windy and heavily shaded by trees, so it's better to keep a rear bicycle light on in daytime.

Recorded on Thursday June 21, 2018. Access is by BC Ferries departing Tsawwassen Terminal for Village Bay at 10:10 AM. the latest return from Village Bay was 5:10 PM. There was a day car parking fee of $16 at Tsawwassen. On Mondays to Thursdays BC seniors (+65) with bicycle pay only $2 each way (BC ID required).

There is alternate ferry access from Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island.
Picnic tables, Island culture - Do Talk to Strangers
small meals, ice cream, coffee, etc.
Dinner Bay Community Park: a large grassy park with sports facilities, picnic area, views over the water
Those who know Japan might forget where they are. On the day the suspended gong was mystically connected to a similar one in Kinugawa-onsen.
Bicycle racks here
Outdoor patio seating faces NW - overlooking Active Pass. "Mayne Island Brewery" offerings are available, among many others. Pool Table.
Sailors welcome to overnight for a per diem fee.
On approach road east of the gov't dock
Historic marine infrastructure at the eastern approach to Active Pass
Original lighthouse keepers accommodation.
Bicycle racks. Gulf Islands Park site.
Part of the Gulf Islands Parks. Rare wren sighting in arbutus tree above tall yellow grass.
The trail is posted "no bicycles", and there are rock, root and protruding obstacles that are hazards for bicycling. Walking to the end is highly recommended. No One Else was seen along this trail on the day, despite the perfect summer weather.
This appears to be a promising location for a long gourmet lunch with wine and an ocean view. Others may prefer a homemade burrito or samosa at local grocer along the road towards Miners Bay.
One fresh-made beef burrito here was sufficient gnosh for the entire days' cycling. The lady tending bookshop was a pleasure to chat with, some unique and interesting books on offer. Billboards give a snapshot of Island life.
Should we assume it's an example of modern Coast Salish Peoples' art?
Typical island roads, up and down, paved, little or no traffic, no marked shoulders.
There is a short steep uphill from the ferry, typical of the hilly roads on Mayne Island.
Disembarking on the Island.
From the Ferry in Active Pass
From the Ferry in Active Pass
Berth #2, the change to island culture is felt upon boarding the ferry. Open to approaches from strangers for dialogue, making unexpected new friends.
Near the Starbucks in Tsawwassen Terminal "Mall", arrived early for ferry to Mayne Island. Other Gulf Island bikers with unique bike styles congregated here for coffee.


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