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Ledro Land Art is an art route in green started in 2012 by the municipality of Ledro to enhance the landscape and promote reflection on artistic practices and natural territory.

In the pine forest of Pur, the heart of Valle di Ledro, artistic creativity becomes an accomplice of nature through the work of reinterpretation of space and interaction with the elements, proposed by the artists invited to participate in the project. Along the scenic path along the stream Assat leads to Malga Cita, the landscape becomes caretaker and partner interventions , site-specific that each year are made ​​on the spot during the summer season.

The center of the project, the context and the object that receives the reflection of the artists involved is the territory, through the term called Land Art , which is used as a container in the making of practices which are very far from those related to the current history. The environment in which they develop new processes of interaction with the site giving rise to the cyclic renewal of the exhibits and performative, triggering a process of reflection, of operation, collaboration and innovation that drives the relationship between man and nature and the rediscovery of the landscape and its links with the history and traditions of the area.
Given the often transient nature of the works, an integral part of Ledro Land Art is the audio-video documentation of the process of creation that makes up over time a digital archive in progress on the site can be visited at the artists section.

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Camping al Sole

Camping al Sole is located in the blooming and splendid Valle di Ledro. Thanks to the clean and turquoise lake and the high and amazing mountains, Valle di Ledro is one of the most beautiful place in Trentino.


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