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a prop de Killin, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Park in Killin at east end of village. Head north and take the first left up Glen Lochay. At end of tarmac road turn right up hill through a gate on the road. Although shown as a "yellow" road on OS maps it is poorly maintained but fine for road bikes. Continue into Glen Lyon and a beautiful run down to the cafe just past Bridge of Balgie.
Return a couple of hundred metres and cross the bridge for another steady climb on good single track road over past the Ben Lawyers car park. Descend and join the A827 for the final 5 miles into Killin.

Killin Car Park

Two car parks at east end of Killin: one on north side of main road by community hall, another on south side with toilets in former railway area. Shutters Cafe nearby.

Bridge of Balgie Cafe

Tea room in post office and general store at Bridge of Balgie, Glen Lyon.


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