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a prop de West Point Grey, British Columbia (Canada)

This 50-km (return) route starts at Iona Park north of the Vancouver Airport, and follows the Richmond and Steveston coastline along paved roads and light-gravel raised dike trails. There is a summer Farm Market at Steveston on Sunday's, a fish market on the Steveston docks, and a seaside boardwalk prominade with outdoor restaurant seating on the Steveston waterfront. Another historical cannnery row is located several kms to the east of Steveston, with attractions including the Britannia Shipyard.

This route can be extended an additional approx. 8 km by going to the end of the Iona Spit and back. The Spit extends across tidal mud-flats into the strait of Georgia and crosses under a main airport flyway.

The route can also be extended by continuing along dyke paths and quiet paved roads for a greater distance east of Steveston.

A smooth paved return route is available by heading north along Railway Ave., and continuing north all the way to the North dike (this not on the saved track).
plenty of parking, a popular bird watching area. The aprox 8 km Spit can be done by bicycle or on foot.
Runs along the waterfront with Georgia Straight to the west and logging activity on the Fraser River to the east. Bird watching area. A very popular bicycle training segment.
There are controlled crossing at three significant intersections in the airport area. All have traffic lights and well marked bicycle-pedestrian lanes with signals. This location is under a major runway approach path with plenty of space to stop off-road, a favorite location for airplane spotters.
Second of the cross roads, this is the main airport access road. Has stop lights, bicycle lanes, and crossing sigals for pedestrians. Continue due south. Dedicated bike paths start a short distance after these road crossings.
arrivals on their final approaches - southern runway is less active than the northern runway and handles generally smaller planes.
Cross middle arm of the Fraser River. A bicycle trail heads west from the bridge approach (north side) and accesses the Beaver Pub at the float plane base (has a river side balcony) The following waypoint has a picture of the Float Plane Base.
Float plane landing approach crosses the bridge a few hundred meters or less above traffic. Spotting mostly Twin and Single Otters and older Beaver aircraft. Immediately to the east of the Bridge is the Olympic Oval skating venure from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. There is bicycle trail access to the Oval from the south end of the bridge (not on the saved route).
Wide raised light gravel path follows the south bank of the Fraser River.
Alternate parking option. Numerous walking trails in the adjacent Terra Nova Parklands, some are bicycle accessible. Community garden. Popular bird watching area.
A wide, light gravel, raised dike path. Passes a small dairy heard that ofter grazes west of the dike path. Large flocks of migratory snow geese in season.
Old model fish boats along slough on north side of park.
West end of Park, with views over Strait of Georgia.
Fish market on docks, Japanese garden, historic cannery museum, waterfront restauraunt promenade, interesting shopping streets.
Along southernmost branch of the Fraser River
historic wooden boats on the docks and ways
Following riverbank towards the east from Britannia Shipyard
Turn back location for an approx 50 km day.
very popular bicycle stop


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