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a prop de Fort Langley, British Columbia (Canada)

Fort Langley, paved country roads, hilly upland and Fraser river flood plain. Reminiscent of south England gentrified countryside. Shoulders on main roads, very low traffic on smaller roads. Two moderately long medium-grade hills, up and down escarpment. The down has S-turns and its easy to just coast above car speed limit (Caution!).
Short loop from McMillan Island parking is light gravel, shared with walkers, view from bench at NW terminus is worth it.
Moderate up, long
Very English feel.
Historic architecture
Up small hill, lowland farms, horses, cranberries, heather, etc.
Pub by bridge
At terminus of forest trails, bench
Park with walking and bike trails

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  • Foto de mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 12/11/2015

    Bakery and tea, beside Fort Langley Historic site https://www.wikiloc.com/cycling-trails/fort-langley-bc-circle-tour-to-southeast-11368321/photo-6914995

  • Foto de mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 12/11/2015

    Go anti-clockwise for the gentler hill climb

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