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Coordenades 3480

Data de pujada 9 / de setembre / 2018

Data de realització de juliol 2018

400 m
7 m
94,86 km

Vista 156 vegades, descarregada 3 vegades

a prop de Coniston, England (United Kingdom)

Great round-trip for the road bike from Coniston, taking in four of the toughest climbs you could wish for (Wrynose Pass, Hardknott Pass, Corney Fell and Bank House Moore), and offering gorgeous views of the Irish Sea, Coniston Water, Eskdale, Duddon valley and Duddon estuary, and other great Lake District scenery. Cycling in the Lake District is tough with steep gradients (up to 1 in 3, or 30%), but great scenery and quiet country roads make for excellent compensation.
The trip starts in the center of Coniston where you take the A593 towards Ambleside. You cycle along the Yewdale Beck, then climb about 60 m past Yew Tree Tarn to Oxen Fell and then descend to the turn-off left to the Langdales. A bit further you turn towards Wrynose and Hardknott passes with huge warning signs on the dangers and steepness of the road ahead… At first the road undulates past Little Langdale and Little Langdale Tarn, but after you turn left towards Eskdale near Fell Foot, the road starts to climb towards Wrynose Pass. The climb becomes and remains very steep until 200 m before the top (see https://www.cyclingcols.com/col/Wrynose, the east climb). The view on top towards Duddon valley is magnificent. The descent is rapid towards Cockley Beck, where you cross the river and start the ascent towards Hardknott Pass, again very steep, but less long (see https://www.cyclingcols.com/col/Hardknott; the east climb). The other side of this pass is much more demanding, but luckily you can descend with a great view towards Eskdale. The winding and steep road requires to keep the brakes on almost all the time, though. Near the Esk bridge Scafell appears on the right. Eskdale is great and you keep descending past the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway to the turn-off left for Ulpha. Soon after you turn right on Birkby Road along the Esk valley which you follow to the A595, where the Esk runs into its estuary and where you have a view of Muncaster Castle. You follow the A595 a while, with a view of the Irish Sea towards the Isle of Man. You turn off towards Newbiggin. This road takes you along the Esk estuary, Eskmeal viaduct and Eskmeal Firing Range. The road can be flooded in places. Past Eskmeal Range the road arrives to the beach with a great view across the Irish Sea. From here you turn inland and shortly after start the climb of Corney Fell (https://www.cyclingcols.com/col/CorneyFell; the west climb), another steep pass with great views, this time towards the sea. You descend on the other side towards Duddon estuary until you get back to the A595 which you follow a short while to Broughton in Furness. A little further you join the A595 again and follow this road until you turn off on the Marsh side to Kirkby in Furness. Here you cycle close to the Duddon estuary. In Kirkby, you start the ascent of the last steep climb of the day, Bank House Moore, with great views of Duddon Estuary and the Irish Sea. This climb does not feature on cyclingcols, but a description of this climb and other climbs on this route and in the Lake District can be found on https://roadcyclinguk.com/rides-travel/sportive/ten-best-cycling-climbs-lake-district/. After the summit, you descend a bit and then turn left towards Lowick. The road undulates and then descends to Lowick with great views towards the Old Man of Coniston and Coniston Water. Just before Lowick bridge you pass St. Luke's Church. You cross river Crake, and then follow the road along the river and Coniston Water. This is the quiet road along the wooded side of the lake. The road passes Brantwood House and descends to the lakeside on the northern bank. A bit further you arrive to the starting point in Coniston.
You can find something to eat and drink in for example Coniston, Little Langdale, Eskdale, Broughton in Furness and Kirkby in Furness.


The A593 takes you along Yewdale Beck and then up to Oxen Fell


The A595 here offers you great views of the Esk estuary, and the Irish Sea up to the Isle of Man.


Here you cycle past the beach.

Birkby Road

Narrow and quiet road along the Esk river with views of Muncaster Castle just before you arrive to the A595

Coniston Water

The road takes you along the northern shore of this large lake in the Lake District

Corney Fell Climb

Start of Corney Fell climb. See https://www.cyclingcols.com/col/CorneyFell

Corney Fell summit

Corney Fell pass. From here you descend towards Duddon river.

Duddon Valley

Here you arrive to Cockley Beck on the river Duddon, which you just cycled along from Wrynose Pass.


You pass a bridge on the river Esk, and then cycle along the scenic Esk valley.

Eskmeals Viaduct

Railway viaduct across the Esk estuary

Hardknott Pass

Hardknott Pass. From here you descend towards Eskdale

Kirkby Pool

River flowing into Duddon estuary.

Marsh Side

Road along Duddon estuary

Road along Coniston Water

Small scenic road on the quiet and wooded side of Coniston Water
Arquitectura religiosa

St. Luke's Church

Church near Lowick

Start climb Bank House Moore

From Kirkby in Furness you start climbing towards Bank House Moore

Start Wrynose climb

Start of the climb towards Wrynose Pass. The first few kilometers undulate, but then the real thing starts... See https://www.cyclingcols.com/col/Wrynose

Bank House Moore Pass

Here Bank House Moore pass is. From here you descend to Lowick.

Wrynose Pass

Wrynose Pass. From here you descend along the Duddon river to Cockley Beck.


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