Temps  una hora 32 minuts

Coordenades 1377

Data de pujada 6 / de novembre / 2015

Data de realització de novembre 2015

140 m
3 m
17,2 km

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a prop de Middlegate, British Columbia (Canada)

On rain day. Suggestion for starting commuters or on weekend to access the city's waterfront trails. Short road sections are usually light or no traffic. Mostly controlled, marked road crossings. Adjacent roads provide faster, in-traffic commute. Includes nature segments in Central Park, at Trout Lake, and past False Creek.
Typical trail conditions over much of route
Enter Central Park, in-forest or along sky train path options
Controlled, marked crossing, bike paths to and from. Coffee stop option.
Photo of road conditions, not much traffic.
More caution needed here.
Scenic section
Paved option all the way, or smaller paths near water
Controlled marked crossing
Science World, bicycle counter, Pacific Ocean
The north viaduct provides dedicated 2-way bike lane through center of downtown. Cirque de Soleil near here when in town.
On edge of Chinatown, make 180 deg. turn onto viaduct bike lane.
Center of downtown, Starbucks at end of route


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.