18,26 km

Desnivell positiu

1.150 m

Dificultat tècnica


Desnivell negatiu

1.139 m

Altitud màxima

1.134 m


31 5

Altitud mínima

91 m

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6 hores 56 minuts



Data de pujada

26 de maig de 2008

Data de realització

de maig 2008
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1.134 m
91 m
18,26 km

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a prop de Skaftafell, IS.06 (Ísland)

Although dominated by the many glacial peaks in Öræfajökull to the east, Kristínartindar ("Christine's Peaks") are respectable mountains in their own right - the higher of them rises to 1130 metres AMSL. By picking the appropriate paths I made this hike a circuit of the Skaftafellsheiði area, enjoying views towards the east on the way up - and to the west on my way back. I also took the opportunity to wash my feet in the river below Svartifoss - about as nice a place for a break as can be found anywhere!
I would classify the hike as "easy" except that those afraid of heights might feel a bit uncomfortable on the last stretch.


25-MAY-08 13:14:52 - 25-MAY-08 13:14:52

1 comentari

  • joshua tabti 13 d’ag. 2018

    He fet aquesta ruta  Veure més

    I lived in Skaftafell during 2017, Kristínatindar is one of the best hikes there. Most of the hike is easy during the summer, the summit path might worry those with fear of heights, but encouragement is all that is needed. I've seen kids do it in trainers. Difficult in the winter, should only be attempted by experienced climbers, an ice axe and crampons will be needed, but the views are spectacular.

Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.