16,33 km

Desnivell positiu

991 m

Dificultat tècnica


Desnivell negatiu

998 m

Altitud màxima

1.005 m



Altitud mínima

28 m

Tipus de ruta

Només anada


6 hores 41 minuts



Data de pujada

12 d’agost de 2008

Data de realització

d’agost 2008

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1.005 m
28 m
16,33 km

Vista 6024 vegades, descarregada 131 vegades

a prop de Gata, Vestur-Isafjardarsysla (Ísland)

Kaldbakur is the highest peak in the Westfjord region of Iceland and though not very tall at 998 metres the view is unimpeded in all directions and the landscape incredibly pretty (yes, I was born in the area!) so this ascent is well worth the effort.

Most people make the ascent from the 4x4 track across the pass ("Ladies' Pass" - don't know why) separating the valleys of Kirkjubólsdalur and Fossdalur, some make a point of walking all the way from the fjord of Arnarfjörður in order to be able to put a tick against this peak in the Book.

I wanted to check out an old mine (where "Iceland spar" used to be extracted) located at the head of the valley of Meðaldalur and then see if I could find my way to the top from there. My sister dropped me off on her way to pick blueberries and I made my way up the valley in the company of countless sheep. There wasn't much evidence of the mining activity but the works road made for easy hiking to its former location. The ascent from the valley proved surprisingly easy, I crested the ridge at an elevation of 720 metres without any difficulty. From there it's an easy scramble to the (flat)top of the mountain.

After spending half an hour enjoying the view I made my way down the same way I had come - there aren't many alternatives if you want to go back to Meðaldalur.


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