Coordenades 4534

Data de pujada 4 / de setembre / 2012

Data de realització de juny 2012

2.702 m
750 m
23,89 km

Vista 5425 vegades, descarregada 290 vegades

a prop de Theth, Shkodër (Albania)

Description follows!
Unfortunately Wikiloc screwed me up by removing half of the waypoints without me nothing it - probably I have to start all over, why are there so many limitations?

Veure més external

01-JUN-12 15:00:27
2470 m height
19-JUN-11 15:45:49
01-JUN-12 17:22:47
19-JUN-11 15:54:42
01-JUN-12 16:59:32
10-JUN-12 12:15:18
02-JUN-12 13:09:23
2390 m height
1810 m height
02-JUN-12 13:46:14
2230 m height
2110 m height
2370 m height
10-JUN-12 18:32:38
2510 m height
2350 m height
23-OCT-10 18:08:54
11-JUN-12 15:06:21

3 comentaris

  • Foto de mayake

    mayake 08/12/2015

    fantastic trail trip, thanks for sharing, which month was it ?

  • Foto de - Discover Albania - Discover Albania 08/12/2015

    We enjoyed this one a lot! Pictures were actually taken on a longer trek from Vermosh to Valbona. Via Qafa Dobraces we reached Arapi and the Buni i Jezerces (camp), then scaled Jezerca summit on 2nd of June. A day ahead of us a German solo (climbing from Buni i Jezerces site) had left the first entry in the summit register.

    End May / early June

  • Foto de mayake

    mayake 08/12/2015

    this year I was there by the end of june during my PoB ending thru Korita , no snow at all.
    I really understand your enjoyment ;)

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