Temps  3 hores 36 minuts

Coordenades 997

Data de pujada 22 / de juliol / 2013

Data de realització de juliol 2013

1.093 m
832 m
9,2 km

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a prop de Lyra, Queensland (Australia)

A great introductory hike in the Girraween.

Most trails leave the Bald Rock Day Picnic Area and are very well graded. This walk can also be started from the Bald Rock Camping Area. Its a nice 2.5km stroll west down river to 'The Junction'. Wildflowers litter the creeks with large granite boulders dotted about the track. 'The Junction' is the meeting of waters from Bald Rock and Ramsay Creek's.

Return via the same to a trail marker that direct's to the 'Granite Arch'. You walk through two large boulder's another boulder atop. The trail continues to the 'First Pyramid' ascent trail which climbs abruptly onto the ridge that joins the large granite structure.

Its a steep 45 degree climb up the first pyramid's granite wall. The trail is marked with white markers and pose's no navigational difficulty. There are some wet area's on the ascent which do make the granite slippery so caution should be taken on the exposed sections. Wet weather is no option. Upon arrival at the top the view is spectacular with 360 degree views of the park. Bald rock to the South east, Mt Norman to the South along with Castle Rock and The Sphinx/Turtle rock in view. Just below the summit lye's balancing rock and it's caves. Truely beautiful.

Return via the same route to the Pyramid's marker and walk down creek to the day use area.

The Junction


First Pyramid


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.