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Data de pujada 6 / de setembre / 2015

Data de realització de juliol 2015

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a prop de Saint David’s, Wales (United Kingdom)

Easy walk through St Davids and to St Non's and Caerfai Bay. The walk starts at Merivale Parking on Pit Street and first takes you across a ford with footbridge across Alun river to the Bishop's Palace (see waypoint). From here you visit the cathedral (see waypoint), and then walk up to the center of the small town. You pass an excellent viewpoint (see waypoint) taking in the cathedral, the palace, and the surrounding countryside. From the center you walk south on a public footpath through the fields towards St Non's retreat. Here you find a new and an old chapel (see waypoints). In the old chapel St Non supposedly gave birth to St David. There is also a well and a shrine here. It is a peaceful place, quiet and close to the sea. From here you walk on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to Caerfai Bay (see waypoint). At low-tide there is a sandy beach here, but we only saw pebbles, rocks and red seaweed. From the Bay you walk back to town on a small asphalt road. You pass by the visitor center, where you can also find ample parking (as an alternative start of the walk). Finally, the track takes you back through High Street towards the Cathedral and back to the starting point.
You find shops and restaurants in town, but none at St Non's. There is a small shop at the Caerfai Bay camp site. The altitude displayed at the start of the walk is not correct.

Caerfai Bay

Small bay with pebbles and (supposedly) sand at lower tide. Also saw people canoeing here.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Here you enter the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and follow the coast line to Caerfai Bay.

St Davids Bishop's Palace

Ruins of the former Bishop's Palace. You can climb a few towers for a good view. There is an entrance fee (adult 3,50 in 2015). See
Arquitectura religiosa

St Davids Cathedral

Beautiful cathedral set in serene surroundings. See for more information.
Arquitectura religiosa

St Non's chapel

Modern chapel at St Non's retreat.
Arquitectura religiosa

St. Non's Shrine

Arquitectura religiosa

St. Non's Well

Arquitectura religiosa

The Original St Non's Chapel

Ruins of the original St Non's chapel, where St Non supposedly gave birth to St David.


Excellent viewpoint taking in the cathedral, the palace and the surrounding countryside.

Visitor Center

Here is a visitor center. Next to it there is also a big parking, which can be used as an alternative start of the walk.


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