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Data de pujada 6 / de desembre / 2015

Data de realització de desembre 2015

3 m
-28 m
2,87 km

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a prop de Brighouse, British Columbia (Canada)

A family walk through indigenous bog-forest, easy parking and all free, within the City of Richmond and taxi distance from Vancouver Inernational Airport.No dogs or bicycles are allowed. Visually it is all natural forest without any city glimpses at all. Totally flat. Occasional highway and aircraft noise.

An interpretive centre has occasional live owl shows, there is a bird feeding station at edge of forest, active with chickadee, junco, towhee, woodpecker, sparrow, finch, & squirrels (among others).

The outer trails have very little foot traffic.

This track was made in the rain in early winter; each season displays its own unique aspect. Water resistant footwear recommended, can get wet and a bit muddy in places.
Interpretive Center, washrooms, bird feeding behind building.
very active, woodpeckers too.
A boardwalk trail for several hundred meters gives a feel for the park on disabled accessible trails.
Varied forest conditions in differet sections, here a birch thicket.
Trail bounded by thick hedge rows, easier viewing into forest in winter.
Mix of spongy bog trail and raised boardwalk. Slippery when wet.
typical rest bench


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