Temps en moviment  2 hores 17 minuts

Temps  2 hores 26 minuts

Coordenades 1315

Data de pujada 19 / de gener / 2019

Data de realització de gener 2019

129 m
-24 m
8,74 km

Vista 15 vegades, descarregada 0 vegades

a prop de Rangiputa, Northland (New Zealand)

Beautiful Maitai Bay with great views from the hills above. Part of the path indicated between the two signs is closed and has been for two years. It is narrow, exposed and unprotected.
The out and back section at the far end of the loop is not worth visiting as you have to crash through the gorse and the pampas.
We had to turn back from the path behind the beach on our return leg as we were informed it was private. We could bit independently verify if that was the case.
Canyon in the sandstone


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.