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a prop de Heping Shequ, Liaoning (China)

Jinzhou is a small ancient city with a long history, easily accessible by the sky-train system from Dalian City and Central Kaifaqu Stations. It has a more traditional small-town atmosphere compared to nearby modern cities.

We exited the sky-train at Heping Road Station, Jinzhou. If coming from Dalian, a change of platform is required at Central Kaifaqu station to get on the northern line to Jinzhou.

Descending from the station there is a large traditional department store specializing in fabrics. Behind this building is a fascinating street market specializing in fresh live seafood. The market said to have existed continuously at this spot for a very long time.

Further west there is a popular Park with easy walking trails and natural lake views; traditional musicians and singers gather here.

Ranked moderate walk difficulty because attention is needed for several street crossings. View using the Wililoc Liaoning Province offline map download, Open Street or Open Cycle maps, because the default Google map is still not working or not correctly geo-referenced (apparently an unresolved issue between Google and China). There were no non-Chinese seen anywhere in Jinzhou on the day and only Mandarin or local dialect is likely to be understood for verbal communication.
Parada de tren

Heping Road Station

The colourful Department Store to the east of the station is worth a walk around. The 2'nd floor specializes in fabrics (bed covers, curtains, tablecloths, and more) and has old-style individual family run sales stalls. Suggestion: skip the food here in 1'st floor, as the pastries etc in the nearby market streets are the thing.

Outdoor Market Lanes

Traditional small family stalls, said to have existed here for a very long period through history. Specialises in fresh seafood, as Jinzhou is a busy fishing port. There are more vegetables on offer in the stalls around this waypoint.

Fish market

Further along the lane towards the south, most of the stalls specialise in fresh live seafood. The vendor prepared a fish to order and double plastic bagged for us to avoid smells or spills.

diverse market stalls

Fruit, poultry, and other more diverse items towards the south.

South end of market

Groups of men playing cards very common here and along Heping Road towards the west. The wok appears to be preparing small birds with potatos and local vegetables.

Heping Road intersection

The track goes west along the northern (sunny) side of Heping Road. Groups of men gather around tables and play cards all the way along Heping Rd.

Entrance Gate to Lake Park

Walking past a central forested Traffic Circle, the old town center, where people are doing traditional exercise and dance activity to music. From there the walk passes many busy small machinery shops and leads to the park entrance gate. Part of the sign above the gate looks very old. Generally the Qing Dynasty city and its walls seem to have been much replaced by New China tear-down and building activity.

Lakeshore Walk

A day could easily be spent slowly wandering around this park in good weather.

Small hill

A small group of traditional musicians and singers was performing steadily on the hill top

Gathering Place on Island

Traditional music and song, a rare type of traditional Chinese horn was playing here, highly skilled and meaningful. There are many locations in the park where local people practice music or dance and some attract gatherings of spectators, put on extended concert performances.


A group of older men plays and sings, with lots of followers. Accordian and trombone included here, together with traditional instruments. Sounds more like a revolutionary style with martial influence; possibly from around the start of New China.

praise for a benevolent ancient governor

The first tablet praises the ancient city governor. The other two are possibly Confucian sayings, of an old calligraphy style not easy to read by modern Chinese. There are more tablets like these along the lakeshore.

November flowers

Near the east end of the park. Map shows a small Zoo near here, but we didn't check it out. Early November leaves are falling, and late flowers blooming.
Punt d’informació

Walk back towards Station

A short segment along a busy road with lots of parked truck and heavy equipment obstacles impinging on the sidewalk. Stay on the west side for better access to the sky-train and another market alley ahead.

Street Market #2

There are several shops here speacializing in bread and pastries. We went for the places where local groups gather as fresh out-of-the-oven items were being put out for sale. There is no quing, one must crowd in tightly, observe closely, get the shop keepers attention, and show patience and acceptance even as customers shout the right words from behind and push around you. It becomes an experience.

pastry shops

The entire load of fresh out of the oven baking was gone in 6 minutes.

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  • Foto de DXMARIUS

    DXMARIUS 6 de nov. 2018

    Thank you a lot for share this amazing tour in this beautiful place. I love China and this pictures are beautiful. The markets, natural places, the street and the people are fantastic. Greetings from Colombia.

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