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a prop de Jægerspris, Capital Region (Denmark)

Jaegerspris Slot (castle/manor) is located close to the tip of land that divides Roskilde Fjord from the Isefjord. It is about 1:15 hours drive from Copenhagen.

This is a very nice part of Zealand and well worth a visit. A great combination of sight seeing and walking. I don't know exactly why, however, the buildings and forest give you a good sense of grandeur. Some of the paths through the forest have immense trees that rise and form a corridor along the road. This is very obvious as you approach the buildings from the north along what was presumably the original main entrance route. You really get a feeling for why the (relativly) remote location was so liked.

Part of the castle/manor are open (limited days of the week) and contain a small number of rooms that you can visit. Don't be put off by this (or the modest entry charge) - it is well worth looking through the rooms that are open. There is an English brochure available with good information, there is more information in Danish on notices, however the English information is sufficient. Don't miss Frederik VII's pipe collection, also the roebuck antler collection.

I will leave the history of Frederik VII and Countess Danner for you to discover.

The attached park/forest (unfortunately no maps are available) contains a number of things of interest:

- Countess Danner's burial mound.
- Various (approx 54) monuments to famous Danish and Norwegian people.
- From various places magnificent views of Roskilde Fjord

There is also the Juliannehoj close by, this is a reconstruction/renovated (not sure which) burial mound. This is an interesting structure and worth a visit.

There is an excellent cake shop/bakery on the edge of the town of Jaegerspris itself, just before you reach the slot, that sells excellent pastries etc. the shop also makes what looked like fantastic sandwiches - we already had some sandwiches with us so we were only purchasing a few pastries.

If you drive to Jaegerspris you can come from the south and then leave to the north and take the Kulhuse-Solager ferry. The ferry takes you across the relativly narrow mouth of Roskilde Fjord. The ferry costs DKK85 for the car&driver, plus DKK35 per passenger.

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Ruïnes arqueològiques


Great views from here to the Fjord.
Ruïnes arqueològiques


Countess Danner's burial mound and sarcophagus


Ruïnes arqueològiques





P 277


P 282

This tree was on various post cards. I looks as though it has been transported directly from a Japanese formal garden.
Arquitectura religiosa


This is a cemetery, these is a seat for a quiet appreciation of the area.


    Si vols, pots o aquesta ruta.