Coordenades 88

Data de pujada 19 / de març / 2019

15 m
9 m
2,93 km

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a prop de Shimenkan, Jiangsu (China)

An interesting evening walk, before or after dark. There are also historic buildings, museums, boat tours, and other daytime attractions in this area.

The first waypoint is a convenient taxi drop off, at the start of Gudong South pedestrian alley. This area is a very popular evening walking and restaurant area of Nanjing. The main pedestrian walk continues south to the Ming Dynasty City Wall. Smaller lanes and alleys in this area pass a maze of heritage buildings, some converted to shops.

The track continues north, to the very popular Fuzimiao area, and then crosses the river to access the river cruise dock, Confucian Temple, and Imperial Examination Museum.

The track finishes at Metro Line 3 - Confucian Temple - Fuzimiao Station.
Recorded on Sunday, March 10, 2019.
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Taxi Drop Off - Gudong St. South

Waypoint at the North End of the Gudong pedestrian Street, a very popular evening walking and eating area of Nanjing. It is convenient for taxis to stop here. There are many very good restaurants between here and the Ming Wall to the south, in an area of heritage buildings. This waypoint was recorded was around 4:30 PM on Sunday, March 10, 2019. The street becomes illuminated after dark.

along the pedestrian lane

Lots of restaurant choices, including some western food. Shopping too.

Ming city wall

Going south, Gudong St. terminates against the Ming Dynasty city wall.

pedestrian alleys

In a maze of alleys to the East of Gudong Street South.

Wall with yellow flowers

This wall could be a relic of a period of past city destruction, with building material derived from diverse rubble?

heritage buildings


Fuzimiao Shopping Area

A colourful and busy area, lots of guided tour activity, a very popular tourist area. Quite a different atmosphere compared to Gudong St. South.

Old Bridge and River tour boats

Illuminations beginning to show at dusk, will become very bright here after dark. Lots of tourist activity.

Confucian Temple Area

There is a Temple admission fee, it's a major tourist draw.

Imperial Examination Museum

The museum extends 20 meters underground, below a reflecting pool.

Metro Line 3 - Confucian Temple - Fuzimiao Station


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