Temps  un dia 8 hores 50 minuts

Coordenades 9910

Data de pujada 24 / d’agost / 2016

Data de realització d’agost 2016

1.922 m
646 m
151,17 km

Vista 5513 vegades, descarregada 95 vegades

a prop de Coalmont, British Columbia (Canada)

The first Canadian trail named into BFG's Outstanding Trails Program.

This trail is full of beautiful scenery, tons of history, technical terrain, bottomless mud pits, and so much more. It is arguably the best 4x4 trail in Western Canada.

We began at the Granite Creek Campground in Coalmont and finished in the same spot. There was a couple of extra km on this loop due to scouting some new trails along the way or doubling back to check on other riders.
Train Bridge
Tulameen River
Dewdney trail
Start of the Hope Pass Trail
Photo op
First cabins
Hope pass trail to skagit
Good jump!
Rock crawl
Trappers cabin and graves
Trappers lake
Alpine meadows
Gorgeous view!
Mud hole!
Another lake
Jeff Jansen's rock
Mud crossing
Wells Lake
Trail repair
Broken down truck lake
Falcon hill
Rock crawl
Gnarly hill climb
Makeshift bridge
Trail obstacles
Lodestone Lake
Lodestone Campsite
Granite city
Granite Creek Campground

8 comentaris

  • Foto de Bteck

    Bteck 03/08/2018

    I see you had jeeps with you on this run were they able to pass over the old train bridge?

  • Foto de Paxx

    Paxx 08/08/2018

    The year we had the jeeps we didn't cross the train bridge. I think that they would fit over the bridge though, there was plenty of extra space with the side by sides. The jeeps don't need to worry about crossing though, since there is highway access right in that vicinity.

  • Foto de Bteck

    Bteck 08/08/2018

    Thank you for the info Paxx

  • Foto de Paxx

    Paxx 08/08/2018

    No problem, have fun on the trail, it’s easily one of the best in B.C.

  • Foto de Bteck

    Bteck 10/08/2018

    Thanks, Paxx I have to agree with you. Our Off-Road community ( ATBE ) along with 4WDABC and BC Toyota group have Stewardship of the Whipsaw and look after Lodstone and Wells Lake rec-sites.

  • Foto de brianmit

    brianmit 11/09/2018

    Done whipsaw a few times in my Jeep always start the trail from the highway 3 spot. Going this weekend with a few buddies in side by sides, was there a way to get the side by sides from Granite Creek Campsite to the trail without going on the road? We were planning on trailering them to the start on the highway and shuttling the cars back but if there is an option to avoid that... If this is an option would a 4 door Jeep also make it through or best to meet them along the trail?

  • Foto de Paxx

    Paxx 11/09/2018

    The only route I know takes you down the KVR and then you have to drive through some backroads in town up to Black Mine Road. You can access the trail from there

  • Foto de Bteck

    Bteck 11/09/2018

    brianmit here is a link to the way Dave and I have mapped it. you go from Coalmont up Blakeburn road https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/whipsaw-trail-192621

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