Temps  5 hores 19 minuts

Coordenades 9521

Data de pujada 5 / de juny / 2016

Data de realització de juny 2016

853 m
92 m
128,69 km

Vista 1982 vegades, descarregada 19 vegades

a prop de Usk, British Columbia (Canada)

This Logging Road is in great condition, much better than either of the Copper Logging Roads, West Kalum or The Williams Creek. Being in such good condition does make it a bit faster of a road, but there are many blind corners and it is fairly active to not logging traffic so be careful of your speeds. At 26km is a turnoff to the right which will lead to the Kleanza Lake trail. The bridges are no longer kept up after 32km, there is a sign warning of this, most of the bridges will be missing their sides. Lots of mountains and creeks to be seen along the way. The absolute end of this Logging Road is at 57km.
Kleanza Creek
North Kleanza Creek
Mobile cabin
Kleanza Lake right @ 26km
Bridge then trail to lake just passed
A smaller vehicle can make it down this trail, but there is so little room at the end and it is such a short trail it would be much easier to walk in than maneuver this trail.
There were so many little fish jumping in this lake, there is even a small boat and oars to use, I did not try the boat so it may leak.
Small area for camping
Clear cut
Mountain with points
This is at 32Km, after this point all the bridges have not been maintained and are considered unsafe because most of the sides on the bridges are rotten on.
Glacier Falls
Glacier Falls
Bridge rotting away
Killed by beetles?
Mountains with Glaciers
Creek with no sides bridge
The end of the Kleanza Mainline is at 57km.
End of Branch
End of Branch
Mossy Road
End of branch
End of Branch
End of Branch
End of Branch

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